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Lively Living Ultrasonic Diffusers  

We’re all a little unsettled and reaching for certainty and wellbeing strategies right now. Many are paying careful attention to revitalising and detoxifying homes, as we’re all spending more time at home and indoors to help flatten the curve of the coronavirus pandemic.

The small shifts you make in your day-to-day lives really are making a big difference. Thankyou!

And while we’re adjusting and self-isolating, introducing our home to the benefits of an Ultrasonic Diffuser can protects your home’s wellness, and helps you feel naturally stronger.


We shine the spotlight on how Lively Living Ultrasonic Diffusers  can combat harmful micro-organisms in your air and help naturally purify and protect every corner of your home.






Grasses of Life AloePlus  is made from 100:1 concentrated Aloe Vera inner leaf juice. Aloe Vera is famous for it’s health benefits containing natural pre-biotic polysaccharides as well as being a source of energy for the body. AloePlus Aloe Vera Juice Powder is GREAT value at approximately $6 per litre.

10 grams of Grasses of Life Aloe Vera juice powder makes 1 litre of Aloe Vera Juice.

Ingredients: Natural Aloe Vera Inner Leaf Juice Powder, Preservative FREE

Directions: Add 10gr to 1 litre of water, allow to sit for 30 minutes and then enjoy.

*Product is not sourced from China and is grown and processed in the Southern Hemisphere on farms under going organic certification.