Heart health a side benefit to vitamin assisting bone strength

New research has demonstrated that vitamin supplement K2 not only helps keep women healthier for longer but also has the potential to remove wrinkles.

A new study has found that along with keeping bones healthy, Vitamin K2 could also be helping our hearts.

The vitamin was only approved by the TGA in October last year, but already almost a dozen supplement companies are manufacturing it.

From the same family as Vitamin K, found in leafy greens, Vitamin K2 is a micro-nutrient found in Japanese fermented soybean dish 'natto' as well as some cheeses.


It's also been proven to improve bone health, by activating a protein in the body to send calcium where it's needed most.

Like many women her age, Irini Whillas has osteoporosis.

But after a lot of research, the 67-year-old recently started taking K2.

"It was fabulous, it was like a magic potion, it said this vitamin can increase your bone density and and bone strength"

Now a new study has shown it can help keep our hearts healthy.

A study of 244, post-menopausal women, found those who took a daily 180mcg dose of K2 improved their arterial flexibility, reducing their risk of cardiovascular disease.

"It takes calcium out of your arteries and puts it back in your bones," expert Craig Fallshaw said.

Experts warn if you are already taking blood thinners, including warfarin, consult your doctor before taking K2.

Source: http://www.9news.com.au/health/2015/03/16/18/57/vitamin-k2-could-bring-relief-to-arthritis-sufferers